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Get Hooked Kickboxing is a full service fitness and training gym.

We offer group & individual sessions in Muay Thai Kickboxing,  MMA, Self-Defense and Yoga.  

Our Kickboxing classes are designed so that each person can work at their own pace making it an excellent environment for beginner through advanced levels of fitness and experience.

We understand that trying kickboxing, especially for the first time can be intimidating but the only thing that you should be afraid of is sweating too much!  Here you will find nothing less than an encouraging, non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere where everyone is having fun while getting fit and strong!  We welcome men, women and children.  Our kickboxers range in age from 4 to 70.

This is a challenging and fun workout that creates amazing results in cardio, endurance, speed, agility, balance, confidence and flexibility and burns massive amounts of calories.

In our classes you will either work individually​ in pre-set stations or in small groups consisting of only 3-4.  At other times you will even get a little one on one in the ring with one of the trainers!  

"Come train like a Prize Winning Fighter."  Not only will you train on real 100lb punching bags, speed bag, wrecking ball, upper cut bag, kick shields and focus mitts but you will also jump on, flip over and sledge hammer "The Tractor Tire." Our work outs are always changing and at times will also include TRX straps, free weights, agility ladder and hurdles, Battle Ropes, functional training and calisthenics along with so much more!

These classes will push you beyond your personal limits and when it's over you will  leave feeling incredible!  Then when you are ready to push a little more, try our Boot Camp or small group/semi personal training in MMA technique and conditioning.  

And after all that hard work...relax and let go of it all with the Vinyasa based Flow Yoga class on Sunday mornings! 

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This is not your average gym...At Get Hooked working out is fun and exciting (but be prepared to sweat more than you ever imagined possible).  Come train where the energy is positive, the workouts are addicting and the camaraderie is truly extraordinary.

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You will never see the gym the same way again! 

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